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The Matoaka Covenant

The Matoaka Covenant, as the seed of a concept and a global movement, will be formally planted and spiritually recognized for the first time on All Saints Day – Sunday November 1, 2020.  Over the next 12 months the Matoaka Covenant will grow roots and develop as it is nurtured by the collective attention and support of organizations, communities and individuals around the world.  

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Indigenous Leaders


It's easy to feel isolated

out of touch



this is an unprecedented time in history

never has the need for unified action

been so great


the past has taught us

that treaties have been broken

and "help" comes at a cost

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Participating in the Matoaka Covenant will offer you exclusive access to a portal connecting you with participants around the world. Participants also receive free access to the Pocahontas course and guidance throughout their exploratory year.

Participant dues are $25 for individuals and $100 for organizations.


Dues are not tax-deductible, however, if you would like to donate, a tax-deductible donation can be made to the Project and the Matoaka Covenant by check, paid to the Gloucester Historical Society (with The Pocahontas Project on the memo line) and mailed to PO Box 1151, Gloucester, VA 23061.

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Adopt the Covenant


The Matoaka Covenant invites organizations of faith around the world to adopt the Covenant and become a Partner in our global collaboration.  The Matoaka Covenant invites native, indigenous and First Nations communities to adopt the Covenant and become a Partner in our global collaboration.  Most importantly, the Matoaka Covenant invites individuals around the world to adopt the Covenant and become a Partner in our global collaboration, working through Organization and Community Covenant Partners, or on their own.


The Matoaka Covenant calls for a century of action, so prospective individual Partners are asked to consider their adoption of the Covenant as a lifetime commitment; prospective organization / community Partners are asked to make a multi-generational investment by adopting the Covenant.  In order to inform a decision of such magnitude, all prospective Covenant Partners – called Participants – are asked to first resolve to investigate and experience the Covenant before making their formal adoption commitment on November 1, 2021.

The Matoaka Covenant - An Action Alliance

Adopting the faith commitments of the Matoaka Covenant provides admission to a global grassroots interfaith and multicultural collaboration of organizations, communities and individuals working together with common purpose.


The founding focus of this Covenant collaboration is to enhance the quality of life for indigenous, native and First Nations communities around the world while benefiting from their ancient wisdom.  As it is all connected, the Covenant collaboration is also focused on promoting and facilitating racial equality and social justice for all, in the name of remembrance, recognition, reconciliation and respect.  And since all these efforts are fully dependent on a sustainable future, the Covenant collaboration is supremely focused on promoting and facilitating environmental stewardship in an effort to sustain a positive quality of life on earth.

The Matoaka Covenant begins with the understanding it will take at least 100 years practicing a philosophy of continuous improvement to affect the better future and the sustainable positive change we all envision.  The Covenant embraces the knowledge that true and lasting societal change can only occur when the inspirational and spiritual benefits of Hope are intertwined with intention and consistent Purpose in the form of coordinated and collaborative strategic action.

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