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Pocahontas Documentaries

  • Henrico County, Virginia > Pocahontas: The Myth and Mystery of an Icon (2016 / 33:11 minutes)

    • Henrico County, Virginia bears the image of Pocahontas on its County Seal and produced this video in 2016 just before the 400th anniversary of her death in 1617. Under the title "Central Virginia Biographies", this video associates Pocahontas and peace many times and presents several views of the Gloucester Pocahontas statue. Video presenters include:​

      • John Pagano - Historical Interpretation Supervisor, Henricus Historical Park​

      • Ashley Atkins Spivey - Director, Pamunkey Indian Museum and Cultural Center

      • Dr. Paul Levengood - President and CEO of Virginia Historical Society

      • Bill Warder - Interpretive park Ranger, National Park Service, Historic Jamestowne

      • Dr. William M. Kelso - Director Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeology Project, Preservation Virginia

      • Mary Ellen Howe - Artist and Historian

Statue of Pocahontas in Gloucester, 

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